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Thank you for your interest in learning at Vámonos Spanish Center!


How long do the courses run for?

All courses are 9-weeks long, and meet for 90 minutes per week.

How do I connect to my online session?

Online classes will be held via zoom. We will send you instructions on connecting via email.

Where do in-person classes meet?

In-person classes will be held at Olé Café, 5421 Meridian Avenue N 98103.

Is curriculum included? How will I receive it?

Yes, we use exclusive curriculum written by owner & lead instructor, Amanda Reichert. Students are given links to digital copies which we suggest printing at home. If you are unable to do so, we can print a copy for you which you can pick up at Olé Café (in Wallingford). Add "print a packet" to your cart when registering.

Is curriculum included?

Yes, we use exclusive curriculum written by owner & lead instructor, Amanda Reichert. Students are given digital copies at the start of the quarter, which we suggest printing, or you can purchase ($5) a printed copy and pick it up before the start of the quarter.

Is English used in the classroom?

In 101, the use of English is limited and only used after other methods have proven ineffective for comprehension. In other levels, it is discouraged - we encourage you to use one of the many other strategies presented in class.

What is the immersion method?

Immersion is one of the many methods used by language teachers. It most closely models how children acquire language- being immersed non-stop in the language (remember, when we learned our first language, there was no "translating" into another language in order to understand) and instead of using your native language for clarifications/explanations, we use actions, pictures, and other strategies instead.

Can my teenager take this course?

At Vámonos Spanish Center, we just offer courses for adults 21 and over. 

How do I know which level to sign up for?

New students will first do a self-assessment and then sign up for a placement test phone call so that we place you in the right level. Please visit the placement page to get started.

When is the first day of the quarter?

Please refer to the group classes page to see information (including start/end dates) regarding the upcoming quarter.

Is there class on holidays?

We provide all of the class dates at the start of the quarter; please refer to that calendar so that you know when we have class. We suggest you use a written or digital calendar to keep track.

Do I need anything else for class?

We suggest having a 3-ring binder to hold your packet, as well as lined paper for notes. We also recommend downloading the 'word reference' app to use as a dictionary.

How much does the course cost?

Please see the tuition section on the group classes page


How many students are in each class? 

There is a maximum of 8 students for in-person classes and a minimum of 5. Usually classes fill and at least have the minimum, but are typically completely full.

What curriculum is used?

VSC's curriculum was created by its founder/owner, Amanda Reichert. In each course students "travel" to a different Spanish-speaking region. In each lessons, students "visit" different places (the zoo, a restaurant, etc) and through context learn vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Each lesson connects to a real-life experience and is engaging, fun, and applicable. Our courses are unlike any other- you will not be sitting down with a textbook listening to the instructor!

What is the format of each lesson?

We start each class with a casual conversation in pairs, which varies from level to level. This allows you to get "warmed up" and practice the basics (greetings, weekend activities, how you're feeling). We'll then spend about 15 minutes practicing date/time/weather and working with verbs. We may also practice any songs we've been working on. After that we will review homework from last week, answering questions/reviewing the material, before moving on to the next lesson.

In each lesson, we learn new material via songs, games, movement activities and exercises that get you talking an interacting. You will never be bored, and time will pass by much quicker than you expect!

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