Vámonos Spanish Center was founded in 2014 by its lead teacher, Amanda Reichert. With a combination of unique curriculum and the immersion method, its no wonder why Vámonos attracts so many students and continues to have waiting lists! Learning a language at any age should (and can!) be fun- during class you'll play games, sing songs, converse with peers and do skits. You will never be bored and likely be surprised at how fast time passes. Worried about "immersion"? We are skilled teachers who make the content comprehensible- but if you are lost are confused, just ask...or, have a glass of wine to relax a bit and know that it's ok to not understand everything. Slowly, you will see progression and be excited about your ability to understand more and more.. ¡Vámonos! (Let's go!)

Meet our passionate and dedicated teachers...



Amanda Reichert

Owner, Instructor


Amanda's been teaching since 2008. She's lived and taught in Mexico and Spain, traveled extensively to numerous Spanish speaking countries and has incorporated her experiences into the curriculum she has developed and that is used at Vámonos Spanish Center. She loves salsa dancing, going on adventures with Lola, traveling and beaches.


Nelda Lazo

Instructor since Sept 2018


Nelda Lazo is currently teaching Spanish at Pierce College, aside from teaching at VSC. Nelda is from El Salvador and has traveled to several Spanish-speaking countries! She is an advocate for social justice, and frequently attends workshops on the matter. In her free time, she enjoys salsa dancing, baking bread, and spending time with her new dog, Kika.


Emily Estep

Instructor since Sept 2019


Emily has been a Spanish teacher for many years, working mostly with teens and adults. Her love for Spanish grew after studying it in high school and college, and living in Guadalajara for a year. When she’s not teaching you’ll find Emily practicing yoga, taking a walk or drinking tea.


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Elena Nebreda

Instructor since June 2020


Elena is passionate about helping students learn Spanish. She is from Spain, but has lived in the US for many years. She is a natural entrepreneur and her background includes opening and running different businesses, as well as marketing. She also is a language learner herself, and speaks a bit of French, Catalán and Italian. Feel at ease with her calm nature.