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Get that individualized attention you need

1-1 Conversation: chat 1-1 with one of our teachers, eager to help you improve your conversation skills! Converse with ease with our patient and kind staff members, who love helping students learn Spanish. They can help you with learning new vocabulary, expressions and build your confidence in speaking. $40/hour.

Private tutoringmeet with an experienced teacher for an hour of individualized instruction. Come prepared with questions/topics you'd like to practice, or simply converse casually, pausing to cover grammar or vocabulary when necessary. $50/hour.

Private lesson: work 1-1 (or 2-1) with a skilled instructor. We will create a lesson for you, provide materials, practice exercises and homework. $60/hour

Small group lesson: meet with an experienced instructor who will gage your level and create specific lessons geared towards your needs/goals. You will receive materials, and the entire lesson will be structured, ending with exercises to practice for homework. Students should be roughly at the same level. $80/2 students, $15 each additional student.


Amanda's been teaching since 2008. She's lived and taught in Mexico and Spain, traveled extensively to numerous Spanish speaking countries and has incorporated her experiences into the curriculum she has developed and that is used at Vámonos Spanish Center. She loves salsa dancing, going on adventures with Lola, traveling and beaches.


To connect with us for your session, you'll need to login to zoom and join the meeting at the scheduled time. Use the meeting ID: 2067753050. You will receive an email & text reminder one hour before your session. If you have any issues, please call us at 206-818-3256.

If you are signing up for a private/small group lesson, we will also request some information via email about the student(s) level(s)/goals.

Cancelations/refunds: please note that sessions canceled within less than 72hrs of the session cannot be refunded, only rescheduled. No-shows will be considered a cancelation and the session forfeited. Thank you for your understanding. 

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