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Ready to learn Spanish? Look no further! VSC wants to help.



Who says it's too late to learn a language! You will feel excited to use this new skill with others and we promise it won't feel like extra work in your day! With VSC's immersion experience, you'll learn naturally as if you were in a Spanish-speaking country. 

We occasionally offer workshops- from language learning tricks to travel tips for different Spanish speaking countries, to our most popular, a "Crash Course" for travel Spanish. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to be notified about upcoming workshops!


Get that needed individual instructions. Visit our private lessons page to learn about the services we offer, view pricing and book a session! (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MAILING LIST FOR FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES).

The best part of learning a new language is getting to USE it, while traveling. We usually offer several immersion-trips for our students to different Spanish-speaking countries during the year, and look forward to doing so again when travel is safe.

-WHere we're located-


Vámonos Spanish Center is located at our sister company, Olé Café- Seattle's 1st Spanish-speaking ONLY venue! 5421 Meridian Ave. N (in Tangletown/Greenlake) 
To learn more about Olé Café, please click here.

-WHAT PEOPLE SAY about us-


Amanda is one of the very best teachers I have ever met. Her creativity and energy level keep us engaged every week.


I love how Vámonos makes learning Spanish fun, and as if you were traveling in a foreign country.


The teachers are so patient and knowledgeable, it really makes me feel like I am in good hands. 


I look forward to class every week! It is the right amount of time and it goes so fast each time, whether we're singing or playing a game, it's actually fun!


I really appreciate all of the supplemental help (dropbox, tiny cards) for us to practice at home, it has really made me much more successful knowing what to do outside of class.


Wow, who knew that learning as an adult could be fun! At first I wasn't sure about singing or doing the "charade" movements, but they really work. Once I got out of my head and relaxed (gracias, vino) I realized it was actually enjoyable. What a great reminder that adults just need to "lighten up" every now and then!

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